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What Is The Pilates Reformer?

Oct 25, 2016

Reorganization is Pilates invented by founder yuesefu·Pula, bed frame, flat platforms, carriage within the framework of the scroll wheel up and down. Connect one end of the carriage reformer consists of a set of springs. Springs provide different degrees of drug resistance selected sliding along frame push or pull. Car tire shoulder tread blocks can, keep a doctor skidded off the end of the restructuring, because they push or pull cart.

Reformers in at the end of the spring has an adjustable bars called footbar. Can be used as a doctor's hands or feet sliding moving footbar. Restructuring also has a long shoulder strap with lugs connected to the top of the frame. They can pull the legs or arms mobile wagon. Weight and resistance of the spring are what make the car more or less difficult to move. Part of reform is to adjust the different body sizes and different levels of skill.