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Using The Balance Ball Exercises

Oct 25, 2016

Contact the ABS, and at first glance looks very simple, but to protect the body's muscles stretched, causing people to balance the ball bad impression, or learning about these simple movements.

1. sit on the ball.

Slowly exhale, crowding the navel, launched before the tail bone. Return to the original position, exercise 30 times a day.

Leg exercises to adapt backward stretch well to ball. Shaping of purpose that stimulate the muscles of the lower body.

1. turn body, knees bent closer to the ball.

2. the ball with heels legs forward. And then returns to the original position, each exercise 30 times as a standard exercise.

Hip exercises, due to clamping the ball will make the inner thigh cramps, stimulate the muscles of the hips, achieve the purpose of exercises.

1. vertical knee, knees between ball, turning the body.

2. slowly exhale and pair of heels together. Return to the original position, repeated activity 30 times.

Balancing ball effect is very significant, in order to have a better body, everyone refueling!