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Office Fitness Chairs

Oct 25, 2016

Office for a long time, back and shoulder fatigue. This man can reduce fatigue, improve work efficiency and reduce arm fat, keeping physical beauty.

(1) the ready position: sitting in his chair, elbows bent, forearm horizontally, two legs, two toes point, straight ahead;

(2) the straight knee and hip joints, hands up, and then defend the left arm, left arm contact lift of the left thigh, upper torso and head slightly to the left;

(3) sections 1, 2, and just changed the right to do;

(4) sit straight in chairs on the edge of toes point, straight ahead. Two arms to take sides, two hand on the edge of the Chair;

(5) straight back, head back, and chest;

(6) on the back against the seat back down, relax;

(7) sitting in a Chair, hand on the Chair, bend your knees and lift the legs, balance;

(8) straight back, down my legs and toes point, straight ahead;

(9) slowly stood up, his hands rubbing his forehead, the body slightly forward;

(10) two straight arm raised, Visual fingers, chest, and abdomen;

(11) left and right swiveling, touch back with left or right hand and the other lateral raise.