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Small exercise effective anti-autumn fat

Oct 25, 2016

Autumn or relaxation exercises

1, aerobic exercise often do

Autumn season, than at any other time you want to clean the air, adhere to aerobic exercise can improve the blood circulation, improves cardiac function, but also can effectively stimulate metabolism, increase energy consumption, help weight loss body sculpting. Jogging can be said to be the most aerobic exercise in the fall, almost suitable for all groups. Hot summer days, you can only run on a treadmill in air-conditioned rooms, and now, early morning or late evening more comfortable outdoors.

2, do not neglect strength training

Many girls feel, "the girl" and "strength training" should be insulated between, and in fact, for most people, strength training is essential. The right amount of strength training, not only won't get thicker legs or arms, but will reduce fat and achieve the objective of shaping. If you find you have "post autumn fat" trend, but should be targeted to start strength training. May wish to adopt the instruments of assistance to "autumn fat" nip it in the bud!