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Primary role of exercise ball

Oct 25, 2016

Exercise, fitness sport suitable for all people, including persons in need of rehabilitation, it allows the exercise in exercise safe and avoid strong impact on the joints, to avoid injury. Some people who has a lower back injury while doing sit-ups, because of a lower back injury may not be up, but when doing the fitness ball, soft ball can be used to help movement exercise can play a support role.

Second, exercise ball movements have a lot of fun. Activists in the movement of ordinary devices, such as when running machines, sit-ups, campaigners can only repeat the actions for a long time to burn calories, this makes the fitness movement was very boring, boring. Fitness ball changed the modular form of training, sports with a warm and imaginative music, playing with the ball. Activists sometimes sit on the ball and ball to do jumping, these interesting makes the whole process very entertaining.

Third, the fitness ball helps to train the body's balance. Previous workout is on the ground or greater stability on equipment, movement without worrying too much about the balance of the body. And the ball is different, exercise using exercise balls to get off the ground, such as: sit on the ball is a balancing exercise, raise one leg, balanced difficulty increase a bit. Raise legs slightly move will be even more difficult. Put in his hands on the ball in doing leg when doing push-ups, movement to complete the Flex-arm action, first of all to maintain the body's balance, does not get the ball rolling, you've got the legs, waist, abdomen force to control, which makes physical coordination as well as the ability to control the muscles have been effectively trained.