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How do balance ball fitness?

Oct 25, 2016

An exercise ball is a new, fun and special physical fitness. Exercise ball uses and benefits: it is suitable for all people (including persons in need of rehabilitation) well, its health effects (especially on the spine and pelvic exercises), exercise balls have very good rehabilitation and injury recovery. Fitness ball exercise is safer, less prone to injury, fitness balls can improve one's flexibility, strength, balance, posture, heart and lung function.

Fitness ball originated in Switzerland. Originally as a rehabilitation device, used to help the motor impaired people recover balance and athletic ability. With it at the coordination, recovery hips, back, neck, hip and knee function, such as role play, was gradually extended in a popular health promotion campaigns, and its spread to the United States, Europe, Australia and all over the world, popular and enduring. Is also a product of choice for pregnant women activities.