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Fitness, you should pay attention to the details of these living and training!

Oct 25, 2016

Schedule too much exercise

Too much training will inhibit the growth of muscles, small muscles and 48 hours of recovery time, large muscle groups for 72 hours recovery time. A good thing, only muscles sufficient recovery time to get better for the next training.

Smoking and drinking

Smoking can make you taking in too much carbon monoxide in the body, it will prevent muscle oxygen uptake and utilization. When the oxygen, muscle oxygen utilization is reduced, this will lead to decreased muscle power as well as a health effect is weakened. While drinking, excess alcohol intake affects any hormone secretion, and the hormone is indispensable for building muscle. Alcohol reduces the content of testosterone in the body, thus affecting muscle mass size.

No energy after training (hungry)

After the training is complete, the body converts glucose into glycogen needed to repair and build muscle. If after the training does not consume energy, muscles will be broken down into amino acids, in turn, is converted to glucose to meet energy needs. So after the training is completed must be carbon, water and protein intake.

Ignore simple composite training

Many health groups like to use separate exercises, for example: dumbbell birds, thigh leg lift. And ignore some of the basic compound exercises, such as: dead lift, squat. These compound training, campaign for few muscles at the same time, distributes power to all parts of the muscles, to better overall muscle mass. Also better promote muscle growth.