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Fitness exercise, must pay attention to these points!

Oct 25, 2016

1. clear goals

Before choosing a gym, be sure to figure out what are the goals? if you want to become a world-class weightlifter, Street public gyms do not seem quite right for you.

2. ideal location

Distance from your location for your leisure activities including gym has a big impact. 5b15 is the most ideal location minutes away. If too far away, a rainy cloudy days you do not have to go.

3. try-then-do card

Before you buy a fitness card, make sure you try the gym. Good feel the equipment at the gym, and humanity.

4. check the equipment

In the new gym first thing is check the type of device. Gymnasium to observe whether there is enough secondary racks, dumbbells, plate. In addition, the amount depends on the gym's space.

5. the atmosphere

Walk into a gym, you feel full of energy makes you want to sleep. Make sure the gym gives you a positive environmental impact.